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The Rich Feast – The Poor Fast

Welcome my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ our Lord, Divine Saviour and Teacher

Room designed exclusively for single individuals or Male & Female couples. Whether you choose a Water or Soup Fast, experience transformation over 3 to 40 days

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7 Good reasons why Christians should attend a Fasting Retreat in Dumfries Scotland or anywhere once a Year.

Here are seven good reasons why every Christian around the world  rich or poor should consider attending a Christian fasting retreat:

  1. Spiritual Renewal: Fasting and prayer are powerful tools for spiritual renewal. By taking time away from the distractions of daily life, Christians can focus on their relationship with God and experience a deeper sense of spiritual renewal.
  1. Physical Health: Fasting has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including improved digestion, weight loss, and increased energy levels. By attending a fasting retreat, Christians can improve their physical health while also deepening their spiritual connection with God Almighty.


  1. Mental Clarity: Fasting has also been shown to improve mental clarity and focus. By taking a break from the constant stimulation of modern life, Christians can clear their minds and gain a fresh perspective on their lives and their faith. 1 million pound question many ask! What is my purpose and how to serve our heavenly Father here on earth?

Research: Scientific evidence of how mental clarity can improve when fasting, both humans and animals.

  1. Community: Fasting retreats provide an opportunity for Christians to connect with others who share their faith and values. By spending time with like-minded individuals, Christians can build lasting relationships and support networks.
  1. Personal Growth: Fasting retreats challenge participants to step outside of their comfort zones and grow in their faith. By pushing themselves to overcome physical and mental obstacles, Christians can develop greater resilience and strength.
  1. Spiritual Discernment: Fasting and prayer can also help Christians discern God’s will for their lives. By quieting their minds and hearts, Christians can better hear God’s voice and gain clarity on their purpose and calling.
  2. You, ‘yes’ it take just 1 person to change the course of future.


FREE course on biblical fasting with mentoring and soon, an affordable dwelling retreat for Christians who wish to Pray, Worship, and Fast without the distraction from everyday chores, hustle, and bustle. To experience a deeper connection with God in the spirit realm. This will able Christians, to be well prepared in the discipline of the body and spirit in severing fellow man and God.

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My Vision: For God’s Glory!

In September 2022. Deep within my soul, I hold a vision that burns with passion, fueled by desire in my heart and spoken words. It is an affordable Biblical Fasting retreat nestled in the United Kingdom. Here, we aim to unleash God’s supernatural warriors for the advancement of His Kingdom on earth, in anticipation of Jesus Christ’s glorious return. Our purpose is to witness His power and glory manifest on earth, here and now. I am resolved to tirelessly pursue the fulfilment of this divine vision God has instilled within my soul and heart.

Our retreat is a sanctuary for God seekers, a place where worship, singing, prayer, and fasting intertwine. Here, we devote our time to our Master, Lord, King, and God. Through this dedicated pursuit, we aspire to witness abundant blessings and daily miracles both in our individual lives and within our nation. Starting with a mustard seed and growing it into a mighty tree is the journey of faith.

In this retreat, we embark on a profound learning experience. We discover the essence of humility, the transformative power of forgiveness, and the unwavering belief in Jesus, His teachings, and the Holy Bible. Most significantly, we delve into the extraordinary potency of fasting as a catalyst for prayer.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, as together we seek God’s presence, embrace His teachings, and unleash fasting’s transformative power. Let us become vessels for His glory and instruments of His Kingdom on earth.

I am Noel Christopher.

During my childhood, growing up in Singapore, the church was the centre of my life, and God solved all my problems.

The words that are engraved in my heart are:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened” NIV Matthew 7:7-8.

The above verses have helped me to overcome many great upheavals during my life and many blessings because as a child I had a simple belief in Jesus sayings’ and trusted God the Almighty.

One truth, I truly never understood, how Jesus asked his Father to forgive them on the cross enduring such mental and physical pain and betrayal of his close followers (disciples). Until then, when I was thrown out of my family house by my ex-wife. The world collapsed on me knowing I will not be able to see my 3 children every day! I forgave her in every way, over and over again. The more I forgave the more inner peace came upon me, and I started to be more aware of all the small blessings and miracles in my life. “ LOVE without forgiveness is not LOVE”

Jesus’ said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” NIV Luke 23:34

How You Can Get Involved

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Volunteer Program

Prayer warriors and fundraisers

Sponsor Program

Pastors and Leaders to provide guidance and wisdom in the field of Biblical Fasting, Faith Building, Forgiveness and repentance. Who have completed 7/21/40 days water fasting

Charity Fund

To provide a room and place to worship, pray and fast from 3 days to 40 days. THE VAST CHRISTIANS CAN NOT EFFORT £80 plus per day. We are going to make it affordable. Please give what you can.

Start watching what John Lindell need to say about Prayer and Fasting below

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Warning: Biblical Fasting – Proceed with Caution!


Attention: This webpage contains information on biblical fasting. However, we strongly advise that you exercise caution before embarking on any fasting regimen. Please consult your physician before beginning, especially if you fall into any of the following categories:


  1. Expecting Mothers: Pregnancy requires special care, and fasting may not be suitable for you or your baby’s health. Seek professional medical advice before considering any fasting practices.


  1. Diabetics: Managing blood sugar levels is crucial for diabetics. Fasting can have significant impacts on your glucose levels, so consult your healthcare provider to determine if fasting aligns with your diabetes management plan.


  1. Individuals with Medical History: If you have a history of medical problems, it is vital to assess whether fasting could pose risks to your well-being. Prioritize your health and seek guidance from your physician before embarking on any fasting endeavours.


While fasting can be healthful for many individuals, it is important to recognize that the divine nature of God would not command a practice that could harm you physically or emotionally. Therefore, if you choose to fast, ensure that it aligns with your overall health goals and does not compromise your well-being.


Remember, your health and safety should always be the top priority. Take heed of this warning and make informed decisions when considering biblical fasting practices.



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