Fasting Study Guide

Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough: Unleashing the Power Within


A Comprehensive Study Guide for Contemporary Christians on Individual and Group Spiritual Fasting


In today’s fast-paced world, the ancient biblical practice of fasting remains a challenge for many Christians today and teachers. As God’s call to fast and pray resonates across Christian countries and beyond, leaders from various denominations are urging their followers to seek spiritual awakening and revival but not through fasting. This study guide has been meticulously crafted to aid individuals and groups in embracing the discipline of fasting, regardless of their experience level.

The guide is rooted in Biblical Fasting, and the profound insights it offers can only be fully realized with the guidance of a Bible. Through 12 biblical fasts, this study guide empowers you to comprehend these spiritual practices and apply them in your personal life.

Journaling is a powerful tool for documenting spiritual growth, especially during fasting, and each chapter contains a “self-reflect” page for this purpose. Ultimately, the guide culminates in “Choosing the Fast God Chooses for You,” where you’ll assess each fast and discern which ones resonate with your journey.

The Need for Fasting:

The urgency for the spiritual discipline of fasting has never been greater:

1. Empowerment against Demonic Powers: Today’s believers face increasing bondage to demonic influences like drugs, alcohol and pornography, necessitating the strength that fasting can provide.

2. Solutions for Complex Problems: With the world engulfed in complex challenges like family breakups, fasting becomes a means to seek divine solutions.

3. Desperation for Revival: The Church and the world yearn for revival and evangelization, but many struggle to keep above the waters, fasting can overcome.

4. Character and Integrity: Fasting enables believers to find emotional healing in Christ, fostering integrity and liberation from destructive habits.

5. Awareness and Compassion: Abundance has sheltered many from global starvation and malnutrition, urging us to fast in solidarity.

6. Resisting Worldly Influences: Amidst media distractions, fasting helps believers align with God’s will.

7. Holistic Well-being: Beyond food and technology, fasting promotes overall health and wellness.

8. Liberation from Material Pursuits: Fasting sets believers free to establish powerful testimonies and impact others for Christ.

9. Protection from Evil: As demonic forces grow, fasting becomes a shield against the evil one.

10. Seeking Healing and Justice: Fasting can unleash healing and advocate for justice for the oppressed, following Isaiah’s teachings.

11. Devotion to God: Like Daniel, fasting deepens our devotion to God, strengthening our relationship with Him.

12. Preparation for Christ’s Return: Fasting shifts our focus to eternal destiny over temporal desires, preparing us for Christ’s return.

Embrace the Journey:

If any of these reasons resonate with your life, your church, or your community, consider that God has chosen fasting as your spiritual discipline. Seek a prayer partner or join a supportive small group as you embark on this transformative fasting journey. May this study guide be a powerful tool in nurturing your spiritual growth and making a lasting impact in your world.

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