Judges 20

Seeking God’s Guidance: The Power of Prayer, Fasting and Sacrifice

In this passage from the book of Judges 20, we witness a battle between the tribes of Israel, with the tribe of Benjamin being the opposing force. The men of Israel sought guidance from Yahweh, asking who should go up first to begin the battle.

  1. Yahweh declared that Judah should lead the charge.

However, the first day of battle resulted in a devastating loss for the men of Israel. Out of their initial strength of 400,000, 22,000 men were killed by the men of Benjamin. Despite this setback, the people of Israel did not lose hope. They wept before Yahweh, seeking His guidance once more.

  1. Yahweh instructed them to go up again for battle.

On the second day, the men of Benjamin again inflicted heavy casualties on the Israelites, resulting in the deaths of 18,000 more men. The people of Israel, in their despair, went to Bethel and wept before Yahweh. They fasted and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings to seek His favor and intervention.

Through their prayers, fasting, and sacrifices, the people of Israel demonstrated their reliance on Yahweh and their desire for His guidance and help.

It is important to note that in times of war and battle, the people of Israel did not solely rely on their own strength and strategies. They recognized the need for spiritual guidance and sought Yahweh’s direction through prayer and sacrifices.

However, the importance of seeking God’s guidance is not limited to times of war. It is crucial for us to always pray and ask for God’s guidance in all aspects of our lives (walking with God), including decision-making. The Bible encourages us to acknowledge God in all our ways (Proverbs 3:6) and to trust in Him with all our hearts (Proverbs 3:5). By seeking God’s guidance, we invite Him into our decision-making process, like any successful marriage, business partners, Governments and allow Him to direct our steps.

Prayer with fasting is a powerful tool to communicate, aligning our hearts and minds with God. It helps us to become humble and seek His wisdom, discernment, and guidance in making choices that align with His purposes and plans for our lives. By involving God in our decision-making, we acknowledge our dependence on Him and demonstrate our trust in His sovereignty.

Moreover, regular prayer and seeking God’s guidance foster a deeper relationship with Him. It allows us to cultivate intimacy with our Heavenly Father and develop a greater understanding of His character and desires for our lives. Prayer is not just a means to get what we want, but a way to draw closer to God and align our will with His.

So, whether we are facing battles; in ourselves, in the family, in the nation big or small, or making everyday decisions, let us remember the importance of seeking God’s guidance through prayer. Let us humble ourselves before Him, practice fasting and sacrifice, and ask for His wisdom and direction. May we always trust in His leading and find comfort in His presence, knowing that He is faithful to guide us on our journey. “In the name of Jesus, Amen”.

Book of Judges 20:17-26

By Noel Christopher