Prayer for Breaking Curses

A power prayer or declaration aimed at breaking curses and seeking deliverance from demonic influences. It begins with a declaration of faith in Jesus Christ and the cleansing power of his blood, followed by a confession of personal and ancestral sins.

The prayer renounces and breaks the power of curses that may have come through sin, spoken words, or disobedience, both personal and ancestral. It also renounces any form of demonic subjection or control from family members or others.

The prayer concludes with a declaration of freedom through the blood of Jesus and a command for all harassing demonic spirits to leave. It emphasizes the belief that as a believer in Jesus, one is redeemed, cleansed, sanctified, and justified, and therefore, Satan and his demons have no power over them. The prayer expresses gratitude to Jesus for setting the person free. Overall, it’s a spiritual declaration seeking freedom from curses and demonic influence through faith in Jesus Christ and the power of his blood.

The full power prayer by Derek Prince

Dr McGarey Wisdom

Unlocking the Wisdom of Dr. Gladys McGarey: “We Learn It Too Late”

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