Date: 2nd May 2024

Guided by the Spirit

Today, Charlotte and I embarked on a memorable journey from our temporary residence at Orchard House in Dumfries, Scotland. As we strolled along the vibrant streets houses builded traditionally with Scottish Stone. We discovered the charming town of Dumfries—a delightful shopping destination with a bustling pedestrian square adorned with numerous seating areas.

During our leisurely exploration, something caught my attention—a local community center that emanated a sense of warmth and belonging. Intrigued, I instinctively retraced my steps to investigate further. It was there at the shop window that I stumbled upon a captivating magazine called “HOPE,” which piqued my interest.

To my surprise, a friendly lady approached us, extending a warm greeting. In the spirit of hospitality, she invited us inside, where we were treated to a delightful cup of tea and biscuits, offered as a token of kindness. Engaging in conversation, we delved into various topics, including fasting, housing, and advice on areas to avoid. What struck me most was the genuine presence of the Spirit of God within each person we encountered.

Allow me to introduce them by name—Major Terri Holdroyd, Linda, and a wise and blessed elderly lady whose name escapes me. Their unwavering faith and deep connection to the divine were evident in every word they spoke, leaving a lasting impression on our hearts.

As the afternoon waned, we bid farewell to our newfound friends and began our journey back to the tranquil abode of Orchard House. The day’s experiences served as a reminder that sometimes, it is the unexpected encounters guided by the Spirit that leave the most profound impact on our lives.

Tomorrow holds the promise of new adventures, and we eagerly anticipate the path that will unfold before us.

Notes: Short history of Dumfries