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The Secret About Fasting – It’s Not the Power, It’s Drawing Closer to God

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Pastors true story on fasting


1. Fasting alone does not have any inherent spiritual power. The power comes from drawing closer to God during fasting.

2. The author’s personal experience with fasting began as a teenager when his church would fast every Wednesday. Through this regular fasting, he experienced being filled more with the Holy Spirit and deliverance from an addiction.

3. Fasting brought clarity to the author’s life when he was struggling with indecisiveness about getting married. After a 21-day fast, his mind was cleared and he reconnected with his future wife.

4. The main message is that fasting doesn’t have power in itself, but it moves us closer to God’s power and grace. Fasting is like positioning ourselves under the “faucet” of God’s power, but faith is what actually turns on that faucet.

5. Fasting doesn’t move God, it moves us closer to God. The power comes from God, not the fasting itself.

His webpage emphasizes that fasting is valuable because it draws us nearer to God, but the true power and breakthrough comes from God, not the fasting practice itself. Fasting is a means to an end of experiencing God’s power and presence more fully.

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