40 days without food

40 Days Without Food: The Journey to a Deeper Faith” Seeking God’s Truth: How Fasting Became a Catalyst for Prayer

Pray and fast

My dear brother/sister,

I am Noel Christopher brother in Christ. Here I will explain why I began my journey of fasting for 40 days and 40 nights wasn’t an overnight decision, nor was it a straightforward path. It all began with a simple desire to test my willpower and gain control over my eating habits. Little did I know that this seemingly small step would eventually lead me on a profound spiritual journey.

As time went on, my motivation for fasting shifted towards health reasons. I wanted to stay healthy and vibrant in my old age. During this period, I also embraced the challenge of taking cold showers, believing it would bring additional benefits to my well-being. However, life took an unexpected turn when my younger brother, Solomon, passed away from throat cancer. His final words to me left a lasting impact, encouraging me to harness the power of belief, imagination, and faith.

These events stirred something within me, and my fasting journey began to take on a more spiritual dimension. In 2021, I experimented with 3-day and 7-day water fasts, but it still didn’t fully align with the biblical concept of fasting. I realized that to make this journey more meaningful, I needed to incorporate prayer and dive deeper into the scriptures.

The turning point came in 2022 when I embarked on 21-day and 22-day water fasts, immersing myself in prayer and devotion. As the days progressed, I experienced an overwhelming desire to serve God and seek His truth. My heart was open to receiving dreams, visions, and prophecies, signs that I was drawing closer to the divine.

November 5th, 2022, marked a significant day for me. I had a clear plan to undertake a 40-day Jesus fast, a time of dedicated prayer and worship, seeking God in every possible way. With a humble heart, I surrendered myself to the Almighty, confessing and seeking forgiveness for past sins, both remembered and forgotten. During those days, I poured my heart into completing my website, writing notes on fasting, and delving into the words of the Bible.

As I lay down to sleep, my mind was filled with contemplation of biblical keywords, questioning and seeking understanding. The nights were accompanied by powerful dreams as if God Himself was guiding me through divine revelations.

Throughout the 40-day journey, I became more attuned to the presence of the Holy Spirit. Prayer and reading the Bible became second nature, and my desire to serve God grew stronger with each passing moment.

Undertaking a long-term fast wasn’t easy, but it brought about a profound sense of humbleness. Prayers became emotional and powerful, as I found myself seeking forgiveness for not just my sins but also for the pain I may have caused others. I felt like a child asking for forgiveness after being reprimanded, laying bare my soul before God.

As I traversed this spiritual path, I couldn’t help but wonder why fasting was seldom spoken about in churches and sermons. The deeper I delved, the more I understood that fasting was an intimate journey between an individual and God, a transformational experience that only those who truly sought it would comprehend.

So, dear brother/sister, this is why I fasted the chosen fast for 40 days and 40 nights, to seek God, to find truth, and to surrender myself completely to His will. My journey continues, and my pursuit of understanding the divine remains unwavering. Fasting has become not just a physical experience but a spiritual catalyst, leading me closer to God with each passing day.