True fasting story of marriage

True fasting story of marriage

The Secret About Fasting – It’s Not the Power, It’s Drawing Closer to God

His might sound surprising if you’re familiar with my ministry and teachings, but let me explain: fasting alone has no spiritual power. The true power lies in God, the One we draw closer to during our fasting periods.

How My Fasting Journey Began
My first experience with fasting occurred shortly after I arrived in the United States as an immigrant refugee from Ukraine. My parents were involved in planting a new church that started in someone’s living room. Every Wednesday, they would fast and gather in the evening to pray for God’s blessings on this new church, now known as Hungry Generation Church. Inspired by our pastor’s vision, I, at fourteen, decided to join the adults in their weekly fasting.

For many years, I continued the practice of fasting for 24 hours every Wednesday. During this time, I felt increasingly filled with the Holy Spirit. When I struggled with an addiction to pornography, fasting helped me control my flesh and prepared me for the deliverance I desperately needed.

At sixteen, when I became a youth pastor, I maintained my commitment to fasting every Wednesday, dedicating the day to the Lord through Bible study and prayer. I even skipped school on those days to spend more time with God. One Wednesday, during this dedicated time, the Lord touched me profoundly and called me into full-time ministry.

Fasting Brings Clarity
Later in life, I faced challenges in my personal life, particularly in my journey to get married. I struggled with indecision and second-guessed myself constantly. After my first date with Lana, the woman who would become my wife, I expressed my indecisive feelings and broke up with her the next day. My mind was in turmoil!

A few weeks after that breakup, our church embarked on a 21-day fast in January, and I joined in. During this fast, God brought clarity to my mind. My indecisiveness was lifted, and I reconnected with Lana. Eight months later, we were married. It has been over 11 years since our wedding, and I am incredibly blessed! I am so grateful that I participated in that group fast.

The True Source of Power
To be clear: while fasting can bring us closer to breakthroughs and has numerous benefits, it holds no power on its own. All power comes from God.

Fasting might channel God’s power, but it does not generate it. Fasting doesn’t move God; it moves us

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